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Advanced AutoNEST

Advanced AutoNEST

Advanced AutoNEST module by CIM-TECH unlocks even more nesting productivity. These tools are designed to reduce cycle time at the CNC machine.

Automated Two-Sided Nesting

Two-Sided Nesting gives you the ability to easily program both sides of your sheet in a completely automated environment. This proven approach eliminates programming and handling backside parts separately.

Staydown Nesting:

Staydown nesting cuts cycle times up to 20% by eliminating the wasted motion from part to part. Staydown nesting also saves cutter life and eliminates chip out by keeping the tool in the material.

Common Line Nesting

Common Line Nesting cuts cycle times up to 40% by cutting parallel edges simultaneously. These toolpaths have significantly less tool motion and shorter cycle times.

Cart Control Nesting

Cart Control allows you to balance material yield and workflow to match your production requirements. The ability to prioritize parts to control the order in which parts are placed within the nested sheets ensures maximum yield while allowing prioritized parts to continue to assembly in a timely manner. No longer will operators have to cut an entire material run in order to start sending parts through to assembly. Using Cart Control Nesting creates high yield material nests with lowered personnel costs due to reduced sorting time needed leading to a more efficient workflow. 

Multiple Stock Control Nesting

Multiple Stock Control Nesting lets you define several sheet sizes for any material. This feature will select the best material sizes based on yield, price, or priority working with your production and financial goals.

Skeleton Scrap Cutting

Skeleton scrap cutting saves you time by using the router to cut up scrap into manageable sizes with no need to spend time breaking up scraps manually, with user-definable parameters to balance machine time with operator time.

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