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Multi-CIM by CIM-TECH saves you time by exporting individual parts out of a drawing that contains multiple parts in a 2D format. Multi-CIM is a powerful software that puts all of the individual drawings into a user selectable folder while building a cut list that can be imported and run through Router-CIM Automation Suite in just a few clicks. Text inside the part perimeter on layers can tell Router-CIM the part name, material, and quantity of the parts. One button exports all of the parts as individual drawings and makes a cut list that can be opened in Excel and imported into our Router-CIM Automation Suite program. Traditional methods would have the user exporting one part at a time using wblock or copy/paste. The Multi-CIM software does this for each part automatically in seconds thus saving you time!

Multi-CIM Features:

  • Creates individual drawings from a single drawing file with a click of a button leading to better file management
  • Creates a list of parts identified including Part Name, Material, Quantity
  • Can read label information included with the parts to be passed through to the CNC machine
  • Comma-Delimited file to be used in Router-CIM Automation Suite for easy job creation
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